Skill Set


I have been using and messing around with unity for over 5 years now, I have made many amateur school projects, some projects of my own that never saw the finish and of course my internship was also an Unity project. I made a custom networking script for Unity 4 before monobehaviour was added.


I have been using Unreal for over 2 years, saw it’s transition from UE 4 to UE 5. Have learned how to make nice looking images using the build in lighting engine, I have learned how to use blueprints and how to connect C++ code and Blueprints.


I have been working in C# for over 5 years, from making simple applications using Visual studio community 2017 to big Unity projects.


I have been working in C++ for over 2 years, I made a program that had it’s own renderer using Vulkan, I have working in Unreal using C++ and making Blueprints that communicated with my C++ code